Monday, November 18, 2013

Coffee Break #3

Welcome to Coffee Break #3! Let's sit down and enjoy a cup, shall we?

Lots of things happening as the holidays are fast approaching!

First off, since things are getting a little busy for me at my full-time job, I will not be posting as much on here. I design a magazine as my full time job and am trying to get the Christmas issue ready and planned out. It takes about a month to prepare, and a week to put together.

I'm also in the Food Blogger Cookie Swap! So I'll be making 3 dozen cookies to send to 3 different people (1 dozen each) and I'll be getting 3 dozen in return! That's a lot of cookies! I can't wait to develop a recipe and get them sent! I have to do all this before December 2! Only a couple of weeks left!

Last Saturday, the 16th, Jose participated in a Jiu Jitsu Competition, so I was out of pocket all day, rooting him on and being that girlfriend that squeals when he's on the mat. Can't help it! It makes me nervous! He didn't win, but for his second competition ever, I'm proud of his accomplishments.

I have bought and finished all my Christmas shopping! My last present for the boy was ordered today! I'll be organizing and wrapping this week just to get it out of the way. Then I need to start planning for holiday parties and Dirty Santa parties!

Things that have been going on in my little coffee-filled world:

Being all artsy and D.I.Y. and making hanging hat art.

I've bought 4 books, 3 being Stephen King, in the last week. I also bought 2 video games. Because I have so much spare time. :P

Yum yum! New recipe!

A BEAUTIFUL piece of art I won in a giveaway! I cannot believe the detail in this little painting. I am so impressed! So I'm going to frame it and hang it right above my desk. You can visit her Etsy Shop here: BingArt

I made a super adorable ruffle apron! P.S. Ruffles are hard.

Someone likes to lick the chalk off the cabinets...

I finally invested in Le Creuset! Got it on super sale for $35, originally $72.

Ermahgerd. I cannot believe this delicious stuff exists.

Paleo Sweet Potato Casserole. Such a hit that I'll be posting it on my blog this week!

Pre-Thanksgiving dinner for Jose and me. A chicken, my family's traditional dressing, and the sweet potato casserole. It was excellent!

Chauncey loves to eat leaves!

Perfect size for me! 

I'm looking forward to the upcoming holidays and adventures in store! Until next time: keep the coffee warm. :)

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