Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pumpkin Tarts

Another great recipe brought to you by pumpkin! These are just the best little treats to whip up and take anywhere, whether it be a party, a staff meeting, or into your mouth.

Tarts are a special dessert. There are almost like pies. Almost. The crust is very crunchy and sweet similar to a shortbread cookie. The filling is creamy, full of pumpkin spice flavors. You can eat them plain, with whipped cream, or even whip up a buttercream! Regardless of what you top it with, you are gonna love it.

The crust is the same as the Dulce de Leche tarts. I found it on Smitten Kitchen, a food blog I just love. However, if you are in a pinch, you can make them with refrigerated pie crusts, and they will be equally good. If you use pie crusts, consider them to be more like tiny pies. Like I said earlier, a tart crust is more crunchy and shortbread-like. Once you have your crust handled, then you fill it with a pumpkin filling. Bake it for around 15-20 minutes, let it cool, top it (or don't) and serve! What a perfect fall treat.

This buttercream recipe is simple but I'm going to go ahead and leave it out of the recipe card. If you'd like to make it, here it is:

Vanilla Buttercream (This will frost 12 tarts)

Ingredients - 
8 tbsp (1 stick) butter, room temperature
1 tsp vanilla extract
1-2 tbsp heavy cream or whole milk
2 C powdered sugar

Directions -
1. Cream the butter, milk, and vanilla until smooth. Add in the powdered sugar in small increments until fully combined. If desired consistency is not met, add in more milk to make it thinner or add in more powdered sugar to make it thicker.

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