Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Coffee Break #2

My how October has flown by! I feel like I've blinked once and it's already halfway over!

Here's what I've been up to the last couple of weeks:

Getting Local at the Plaza Festival in OKC.

My friend, Irene, and me in Dallas for OU/TX.

My handsome S/O <3

I hemmed my own jeans! You would never know...

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Salute the Pink Warriors!

Mason Jar gift at a wedding I attended last weekend!

A sweet couple celebrating their love last weekend!

I visited a Shipley Donuts while I was in Dallas this weekend! So great!

The coolest "ride" at the Texas State Fair! My two favorite things, LOTR + HP! *nerd alert*

A delicious meal at a delicious Mexican restaurant in Garland, TX called Cuquita's.

Another Texan favorite, Taco Cabana. They shut the only one in Norman down. It was a much needed visit.

I bought a Gemma Correll Pug Mug at Urban Outfitters. My favorite! ;)

Puppy love and knitting on a cold day. Always a great pastime.

Here are some great things happening on my blog!

My Key Ingredient transition is a steady progress. You can see current recipes with the Key Ingredient integrations. I'm a little over half way done with the older posts, and you can find those with the recipe card as well. A steady progress indeed! If you haven't heard of Key Ingredient, it's a great website where you can create, share, and find all kinds of recipes!

Now you can follow my blog on bloglovin! If you haven't heard of bloglovin before, it's pretty neat. It keeps all your blogs in one site, where you can keep updated, get alerts, follow blogs, discover blogs and more! Definitely a great investment if you like to follow blogs daily, and you can easily sign up with Facebook or your email!

Another great addition to the blog! I now sell my baked goods! I'm trying to get my name out locally and have started a weekly menu along with custom orders! The best part is now I have an order form, so no losing your orders in the comments or posting all over Facebook. How exciting! Click here to see the whole page.

Just a reminder: you can follow me on Facebook! I post regularly, new and old recipes, along with my weekly menu, and other fun things going on in my world. A great way to stay updated in today's technology!

One more awesome feature, now on my Facebook page, is that you can visit my blog without having to go to any particular link! It might seem a bit redundant, but sometimes it's just nice to start from the home page. Ya dig? :)

Thanks for sitting and enjoying this coffee break! Until next time!

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