Monday, October 1, 2012

Pumpkin Coffee Cake

** Edited November 2014 - Click here for the new version, 1/2 sized **

This recipe.... this recipe is so intense, I can't even describe the process it took to make. It wasn't a hard process, necessarily, but it was time consuming, and the original poster made the directions a bit confusing. I'm going to simplify the directions, and how to put the recipe together, and I'm hoping to make it easier for any one else who doesn't cook as often, or has trouble understanding recipes. I'm just grateful I got it right!

This recipe is AMAZING heated up with a cup of coffee. Hence why it's called coffee cake! The flavors are delectable, and I can't get over every texture I bite into! It's just truly wonderful!

 Right here, I will show you the ingredients, but please read through the rest of the recipe's directions before you start. It will make your life a while lot easier! You'll also enjoy this a little bit more!

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