Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

These are not your normal bites.

You could even eat them guilt free.

That's right. Guilt free.

They are amazing, by the way. The taste is just a beautiful medley of deliciousness.

Did I mention they are healthy?

If you haven't heard or read by now, I am obsessed with Chocolate Covered Katie. She makes all of these crazy good recipes that are healthy! HEALTHY! I love it, and I admire her for doing so much.
So that is, of course, where I got this recipe from.

Don't be skeptical, because I grew up eating only junk food, and it's been a recent change to live a healthier lifestyle. I still struggle with the desire to devour a whole box of cheez-its or to go buy a 1,200 calorie pizza and eat it all by myself. So when I say something is delicious, I mean it.

These are homemade Lara Bars, says Chocolate Covered Katie, and they are full of good nutrients! Can't go wrong with that! If you check out her website, she has a bunch of different flavors. I'll make most of them eventually, but if you're curious, go check her out!

2/3 C pitted dates
1/4 C nuts, such as almonds or cashews
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 C chocolate chips

1. In a food processor, blend the dates, nuts, and vanilla. Add in the chocolate chips.

2. Form the bites in any shape or form you want, such as a bar or round bites.

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