Sunday, December 8, 2013

French Toast Donuts with a Maple Glaze

Today's post brought to you by me craving not-Eggo-waffles for breakfast. On most days when I'm at home alone, I eat two Eggo waffles with peanut butter for breakfast alongside my couple cups of coffee. I usually don't mind. It's got enough protein and carbs to give me that early morning boost I need. But I was just craving something different and decided that I wanted to make donuts.

French toast donuts topped with a sweet maple glaze and totally tastes like french toast and donut combined. Imagine that! But in all honesty I didn't share a single bite with anyone. I ate them all myself. Of course it was over the span of a week of breakfast and sometimes an evening snack. I'm not even mad.

I only have one donut pan (which I love) but I went ahead and made donut holes so I wouldn't have to sit and wait to bake more. I just baked them all at once! That's how impatient I can be sometimes, but I do love donut holes! When I was kid, I always ordered a bag of them just for me. Yum!

A couple of tips on making baked donuts:

1) Grease your donut/donut hole pan well. You don't want to be pulling out crumbs of donut. I use Pam's baking spray that has flour in it and smells amazing! If I use it, nothing ever sticks. Ever!

2) Do not overmix your batter. The more you stir, the more dense and chewy your donuts will be. You want them to be thick, yes, because they are baked, but you don't want a chewy donut. Weird.

3) Sift your powdered sugar. When making the glaze, sift that powdered sugar. Otherwise you're going to spend 20 minutes using a fork to mash out all the lumps in your glaze and you'll never want to make glaze again. Just do it.

So with those tips for you, have fun making these very tasty donuts!

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