Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Carrot Cake Cookie Sandwiches with a Cream Cheese Filling

It's spring and although Easter has come and gone, I will eat happily eat carrot cake from March to May… as well as June through February. I'm not biased to seasons when it comes to carrot cake.

If you read my thoughts on my post for Carrot Cake Banana Bread, you'll see that I am very very picky about the kind of carrot cake I eat. I don't like pineapple in it, I am not a fan of coconut or raisins in it, I just like simple, rich, moist, spicy carrot cake. I also just like it topped with a simple cream cheese frosting. That's it. Simple is sweet in my books.

I love cake, seriously love cake, but what I love more is cookies. Seriously. Ask anyone. I love cookies more than any other dessert. That's saying a lot because I love cake and pie. So when I saw carrot cake cookies, my mouth started drooling. Hello, that sounds like the best idea EVER.

Let's take it to another level and whip up some cream cheese frosting and make some tasty cookie sandwiches. I'll leave you to it!

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