Saturday, September 21, 2013

Cinnamon Roll Cookies

What a week! I've been so busy with the Oklahoma State Fair competitions! It was an exciting and busy experience where I had to bake three things in two days and put it up against several other veteran bakers. I swept up a handful of ribbons and I'm really proud of myself!

My first, second, and third place ribbons!
So one of my contests was a cookie jar with a bunch of different cookies (some you've seen before) and decorated with the theme. Unfortunately, since it was my first time, the winners blew their cookie jars out of the park and mine was kind of left in the dust. Regardless, the cookies in the jar were really good and anyone who tried them during my trials loved the cookies. 

This one is simple, it's a cinnamon roll cookie. It's similar to a shortbread cookie with a cinnamon sugar filling and a lovely powdered sugar glaze on top. This recipe has some wait times while you refrigerate and freeze the dough two separate times. So read the directions before you start, but you'll be sure to love the results!

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