Friday, August 31, 2012

Funnel Cakes

Funnel Cakes.

I don't even need to go any further, because we all know funnel cakes are amazing and totally worth the 3 million calories that I'm SURE it has.

The Cleveland County FREE Fair is coming up, and to celebrate this event, I decided to pre-fair it up with some funnel cake at home. Granted, it's an adventure on it's own, with grease fires and experiments gone awry. But it was just so much fun to make!

I found the recipe at AllRecipes, which is my favorite site for simple dishes and fun desserts.


Kelli's Notes:
- Be CAREFUL when you are cooking this! The oil will drip of the funnel cake or it could splatter if your heat is too high, and everything gets really hot. Never EVER leave the hot oil unattended. 
- Wait until the oil is cool completely before you dispose of it in the sink.
- It gets messy, so you're gonna need lots of room and paper towels!
- Sprinkle the powdered sugar on immediately, and be generous if that's your favorite part!
- The reason I chose a medium-sized pot is to create a size for the funnel cake, which was about the size of the pot, approximately 5 inches wide, which I think is perfect! If you want bigger or smaller funnel cakes, chose a different size pot!

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