Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Coffee Break #6

Hello blog readers!

Thanks for dropping by my 6th Coffee Break! Don't worry, I have way more in the real world!

I haven't posted since the first of April, and that's been about 7 months of lots of happenings! So this post might be a little long-winded. Lots of photos and things to show you… I am a visual person, after all.

I make cupcakes and small cakes at work!

Got a new tattoo and I LOVE it!

My love and I at a food truck event in OKC.

Some really sweet and amazing women. <3

Award winning baker right here!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cupcakes! Easy to do!

Phantom of the Opera, the best show I've seen so far. 

Practicing writing with frosting. It's harder than you think!

4th Anniversary! 9.15.10

My first wedding cake! Holy cow how beautiful!

Texas State Fair, y'all!

Corgi + Pug = Ultimate Happiness

Family Photo!

"Pug"kin carving!

Oh hey! It's BMO and LSP! (Adventure Time characters)

Halloween at Das Boot. Hogwarts Student and Dead Viking.

The cutest pug in the world!

I've been crocheting A LOT lately. Lots of hats and ear warmers!

Last but not least… Where I'll be spending my Thanksgiving with my mom!

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