Saturday, September 8, 2012

Blueberry Monkey Bread

Good Morning! I usually don't have time to eat breakfast, regardless, I still enjoy it! Maybe not at 8 when I wake up, sometimes I eat it on the weekend, like as we speak. I'm sitting at my desk with the windows open (it's cool outside!), a cup of coffee, and eating the monkey bread I'm posting on here. It's quite relaxing.

Look at these beautiful photos! Doesn't it look amazing? It's such a nice breakfast treat. It's not super sweet, it's not super heavy, which is how I like my breakfast. I have a tendency to get sick in the morning if I eat something too rich or heavy, my stomach can't handle it. But these are definitely a good trade off, I could eat these often! Oh, and this is called monkey bread, and I found the recipe here.

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