Sunday, July 20, 2014

DIY Post - Bedroom Redo

Hello all! Welcome to my DIY Post - Bedroom Redo!

I am super excited about my recent DIY adventure into giving our bedroom a new and fresh look! I was also excited that it cost less than $300!

Originally, our bedroom has always been pretty bare, which drives me crazy. Since we were college kids up until last year, we haven't had the income or stability to really redesign the bedroom. Here are some photos of what our bedroom looked like when we first moved in last August:

Super plain. Suuuuper plain. Our bedroom is also very small, so we never added too much to it. With the exception of a few hanging pieces, that is what our bedroom looked like up until last week.

Our bedroom now:

Say hello, Chauncey!

In the photo above: 3 trendy pieces of wall decor from Hobby Lobby. The two smaller ones were $19.99 and the larger one was $24.99, but if you catch them on sale (like they usually almost always are) you get them for a pretty good deal!

This was a super easy "craft" project. I have a ton of hats, and I never wore them because they were always just in a bin in my closet. So I grabbed some black ribbon, 5 nails, some clothespins, and a hammer! I measured the ribbon about 4 feet or so, then gave it some slack so it could hold my hats. I then nailed it into the wall on both ends. Add some clothespins for your hats and voila! The three hats hanging above are just hanging on large nails because they aren't worn as often.

Chauncey's bed. Always next to me!

 Above: Here is the ombre dresser. On top of my dresser is a little jewelry stand that I made out of clay gardening pots! The project is super inexpensive and you can make it any color you want! You purchase three bases, each one a different size, and two pots, the same size. I painted mine with BASICS acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby that I had in my studio and then I hot glued them together. 

Oddly enough, I found this chair on the side of the road one night, so I stopped and grabbed it. It's very sturdy, but the original color was just so sad and the fabric on the seat was horrid. So I repainted it white, then grabbed 1 yard of duck cloth fabric from Hobby Lobby that I liked and just tacked it on. 

These pieces are weird, but perfect for us. The plate is from Puerto Rico, and we found it at a Goodwill store for $1. Since that's where Jose is from, we thought it was perfect! Who finds these plates anymore?! The paper cross was a gift from my coworker. The rosary is also Jose's. The necklace on the bottom left is a bottle with a piece of popcorn in it. I bought it when I was in California in 2013. Jose and I love eating popcorn, and we always have several packages in our pantry! The mask is a gift from one of my closest friends, Meghan. She got it in Cairo while she was traveling abroad! The coy fish print was also a purchase while I was in California. I was in Chinatown and came across and art gallery, she told me it was a symbol of lasting love, which I thought was pretty neat since that's one of the first prints that caught my eye.

I repainted my dresser.

I had bought the original dresser at Roxy's Funky Art Boutique, here in Norman, for around $80. Super sturdy and solid wood. It was the ugliest maroon I had ever seen, so in the photos above, I had painted it a slate(?) blue to match our comforter. This time around I painted the dresser itself a very light gray, then painted each drawer an ombre blue, one lighter than the next.

I found a really helpful image on Pinterest to help me visualize the colors on my drawers and just switched my drawers to have the full color on the bottom:

- Paint: White Interior Paint from Lowe's (approx. $10)
- Ombre paint: BASICS Acrylic Paint in Ocean Blue at Hobby Lobby (approx. $4 a bottle, one bottle is plenty)

I repainted the chair. 

I used the same white interior paint from Lowe's and then I bought a yard of fabric from Hobby Lobby.

I repainted my jewelry stand. 

Using acrylics I have in my studio. Here is the inspiration I found on Pinterest about 3 years ago when I originally made it, just so you can get a better idea of what it looks like.

I moved some furniture around. 

It's amazing how fresh a space can feel if you just move some furniture around. I moved my dresser to my side of the bed (we have two dressers… Jose's is in the closet where he wanted it). I moved the trunk to Jose's side of the bed and got rid of the ugly side table that I've kept for 5 years. We moved the chair to be across from the bed next to the fan we use during the summer, and Chauncey's bed never moved! If you look at the photos of what the bedroom looked like, you'll see where the trunk was before as well as the dresser.

We bought some new things. 

We bought a new comforter, new sheets, new shams, a new curtain, and wall decor.
Plum & Bow Gossamer Duvet Cover in gray for $69
Plum & Bow Gossamer Shams in gray for $34
Room Essentials Easy Care Sheet Set in sea for $23.99
Threshold Ribbed Light Block Textured Window Panel in gray for $24.99
5 different pieces of wall art from Hobby Lobby ranging from $13-$24

Total $ Spent?

The most expensive stuff was the bedding: $133
Then we bought a curtain panel: $25
Wall decor: $80
Paint: $15
Fabric for the chair: $7
Final Total: $260

Overall I loooooove our new bedroom. It's light, fresh, but still colorful! It fits our style quite nicely, and has our favorite colors embedded in it. The sheets are wonderfully soft, as is the duvet cover. I love how light and clean everything seems, and it cost us less than $300!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope this gives you some inspiration to redo a room in your dwelling! Maybe I'll post one for the kitchen and living room, too!

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