Cinnamon Rolls

Thank you for ordering cinnamon rolls from me!

I want to take a minute to share my appreciation with you. Baking is one of the greatest joys I have in life, and it brings me so much joy to hand-make treats that others truly enjoy. My profit is not very high and every extra penny I make goes towards paying bills, saving up for trips, or investing in our future.

My cinnamon roll dough is a classic buttermilk dough recipe. This dough is fluffy and delicious, and compliments any flavor I add in the middle. My fillings are full of flavor, whether it be the classic brown sugar and cinnamon filling, pumpkin pie, s'mores, lemon, and many other flavors I have used.
To top it all off, drizzled all over is just a classic breakfast roll icing. These can be enjoyed room temperature or fresh out of the oven! Below, you'll find baking and heating instructions, so you can enjoy these rolls as much as possible!

Heating Instructions:

If you've bought cinnamon rolls that have already been baked and iced, then you will not need to bake these cinnamon rolls, you will just need to heat them up! To do so you can heat them up in the microwave by taking them out of the aluminum pan and warm up for 30 second intervals until heated through. If you want to warm them in the oven, preheat your oven to the "Warm" setting or 200F. Place the cinnamon rolls in the oven and heat them for about 15 minutes.

Baking Instructions:

If you've bought frozen cinnamon rolls, then you'll need to bake them before consuming! The night before you want to bake your rolls, place in the fridge to let the rolls thaw overnight. In the morning, preheat the oven to 400F and set your cinnamon rolls on top of the stove and cover with a clean warm towel. Baked for 30-35 minutes, or until golden brown on top. Allow to cool slightly before icing. (Optional, you can brush the rolls with melted butter after they are done baking and before icing.)

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